Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few of my favorite things

I've been away in the San Juan Islands of Washington State for a week, to start a new book, contemplate a story-in-progress, and just enjoy being out of the usual rush and ructions. It's made me realize how habituated I've become, as a writer, to things I could barely contemplate fifteen years ago. How did we manage without the internet, for example? I'm trying to work on a historical, and my manuscript is littered with asterisks for things I have to look up when I have wireless internet access again. When did dial-up become intolerable? I think it was about five minutes after it was invented!

So here's a list of things I apparently can no longer live without:

1) Wireless internet

2) Backlit keyboard

3) Cell phone

4) Cell phone reception

5) Amazon

6) Google search

7) Listservs

8) Starbucks

So much for thinking I would write more and better in a remote log cabin.


Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Loved your list, Louise.

1) Wireless internet - True!

2) Backlit keyboard - Must try this.

3) Cell phone - Hate them. It means people can reach me anywhere. No privacy.

4) Cell phone reception - Only in an emergency.

5) Amazon - Sometimes. But I still buy from my local Independent Bookstore.

6) Google search - This has become the holy grail to me.

7) Listservs - What is it?????

8) Starbucks - Soy Chai Latte is my addiction.

I would run away to a 5 star hotel to write with room service!

Louise Marley said...

Rowena, I'll join you in the five-star hotel, especially if you're paying. :-)

As to the cell phone, I just don't know how moms managed before they existed!