Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life and podcast

Hi everyone,

Technically I'm covering up for my friend John Lambshead who is stricken by the flu. I told him of my aunts old cure involving drinking a whole bottle of Port Wine and then waking up either cured or dead. However, I added the caveat that I was never sure what she meant by waking up dead, and John is FAR too nice to become a zombie. So hopefully he'll be back next week, alive and not writer of the living dead.

I planned to do something more complex here today, but I am in the middle of one of those crisis that do not happen to writers' only, tend to happen to writers almost by default. As in my keys -- car keys and all -- vanished over the last two days. While it's possible that I was pickpocketed or that one of the cats -- Havey, aka Basement Cat in lol speak -- took them and hid them, it's at least as likely that I happened to be uh... in a different world in my mind, when I put them down somewhere.

Though this hasn't happened in years, I have put my purse in the freezer under the belief it was a chicken, and I have also in recent times put my little day cream jar in my desk drawer. So... anything could have happened to those keys. Of course I'm "grounded" by lack of car keys till I find them, so this became rather front and center in my consciousness.

To make it up to you, though, this is me reading one of my old shor stories:

Warning, there is a ridiculous accent at the end of that link. Also, my husband informs me it's tiny and another thousand sins. Sigh. I have podcast editing software, and I shall be playing with it soon.

Also there is a new and different story of mine at

I'm going to be writing a series of stories set in my Space Opera universe, as a ramp up to the release of my Space Opera DarkShip thieves. My initial idea was to just write these and eventually make a cd to put at cons, however I decided to post them as I wrote them on my conference at the baen bar, and then my friend Darwin Garrison said maybe we could release them a few days later in his magblog evolutions. So there you have it. Think of these as those little "gifts" stores give you, to draw you in. :) Hopefully you'll enjoy it. There will be others available at evolutions, probably one a week.

And now I go look for keys and other typical writerly occupations.


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