Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Favorite Bad Guy

OK, I've been well and truly out of the picture over the last week or so. I could say that I have been kept prisoner in a deep, dark dungeon by an evil overlord - and it might be true if the evil overlord is visible by electron microscope and is portrayed in the press with a pair of pig-wings. Yes, you guessed it - swine flu. The most voracious little pest. I've never seen anything hit so quick. Luckily my family and I were all reasonably healthy to start with. Make's you glad to live in a western country with access to medicine.
All it took was one irresponsible parent in the lower grades of our school sending their swine flued kids back to school while they were infectious and bang - half the school was down.

But talking about evil overlords, have you seen the evil overlord list? More specifically, the Top 100 Things I Would Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord? There are a few version of this, this one is Peter Anspach's. This is the link:

Its a nice bit of fun.

Having tooled up on the Evil Overlord list. Who is your favorite villain?


Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Glad to hear you are back on your feet, Chris.


TV shows. I always had a soft spot for Spike from Buffy. I love the way the show doesn't take itself seriously.

Books. It would have to be Glokta from Joe Abercrombie's trilogy. He's not necessarily a villain, but he certainly isn't a hero.

Dave Freer said...

Does the stainless steel rat count as a villain?

Or TP's Death ;-)

Glad to hear you and family are on the mend!

C Kelsey said...

To reveal my horrid nerdiness (it only comes out when the sun is down): Count Strahd Von Zorovich from Castle Ravenloft.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we all like the Bad Boy Good Guys. Janet Evanovitch's Ranger is my favorite in that category.

A lot of Dave Weber's antagonists were excellent, but not actually bad, just on the other side of the conflict. A few were well done psychos, well enough done that they didn't attract me at all.

Kate said...

Oh my. You don't ask the easy ones, do you?

I shall have to unveil my fangirlyness and admit that my one true favorite villain belongs to a TV show that ran way back in the early 80s. The show was a one-series wonder called Wizards and Warriors (not to be confused with the dorky cartoon of the same name), and the villain, Dirk Blackpool... Well, let's just say he STILL has a substantial all-female fan club and leave it there.

(The show was, weirdly, better than you'd think. The writers knew what they were doing. Sadly, the critics didn't get it. Besides, Duncan Regehr in black leather... OK, cold shower time.)

Chris McMahon said...

Hi, Rowena. I loved Glokta. I think that character alone is what hooked me into the series. Unfortunately he didn't really live up to the implied promise - well at least for me. I thought I'd see him change, or become something more, but he pretty much stayed the same.

Great villan though.

Chris McMahon said...

Hi, Dave. The stainless steel rat is so cool I'd put him on any list.

Chris McMahon said...

Hi, C Kelsey. Long live D&D. Definitely the prize for the best villan's name so far:)

Chris McMahon said...

Hi, matapam. You're right. I think there is a trend here. We all seem to be attracted to the darker side here.

That Glokta character from the Joe Abercrombie books. He is a villan, but I guess I could sense how he could become a sort of dark hero. I was attracted by his strength and determination.

Chris McMahon said...

Damn,, Kate. Another series I missed! I'll keep on the lookout for that one. What is it about black leather?

I had a giggle once listening to the JJJ announcers in Aus when they described a muso wearing leather pants as 'a sort of black belt in ROCK'. Being able to fill them out - well the sock drawer is often raided:)

Kate said...


You might have trouble finding that series, given that it showed once, was never repeated, and never went to DVD.

There are, however, ways...

Black leather... There's the style factor, the sheer coolth of it, and - for me anyway - the smell of leather.

Filling out the leather pants with a sock drawer supplement is just cheating. And it gives the groupies completely the wrong impression when they maul you and nothing happens.

Chris McMahon said...

Hi, Kate. Well I have never resorted to the sock drawer - then again I am not a Rock God and don't actually own any leather pants.

I'll keep that tip in mind though in case I ever become a Rock God:)

Kate said...


You know, you don't have to be a Rock God to have groupies wanting to maul you. The last time I checked leather pants - with or without the sock drawer - were optional.

Anonymous said...

Was that the one with the Lego Ruins and the Female lead engaged to the Hero, but But drifting into drooling and fanning herself madly every time she thought about the Bad Guy? How could a show like that possibly fail?

Kate said...


That sounds like the one, yes. Sadly, those who held the budget strings didn't 'get' it.

John Lambshead said...

Top Villain? It has to be the evil toad, Baron Silas Greenback.

Kate said...


A fellow Dangermouse fan?

Ooo 'eck!

John Lambshead said...

Dear Kate
I have Duckula on DVD as well.