Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where would writers be be without chocolate?

I haven't had a bad day. In fact I've had a great day. I've been working on the first book of the new trilogy that my publisher wants delivered next year.

The good thing about having a whole day to work on one thing, is that you can immerse yourself in the world and look for those little tweak and layers that make it all the more real for the reader.

The bad thing is that your concentration starts to lapse about about 3pm. At least mine does. I started at 7am, worked through without pause. Lunch? An apple will do. Don't want to stop the flow.

So 3pm is when I bring the chocolate out. Chocolate and coffee. And then I can keep going for another couple of hours. But eventually, the kids need me to cook dinner and I have to stop. (Home made meat pie, just in case you were interested).

Now it is back to work tomorrow and I have to get out of my book mindset and into my lecturer mindset. Sometimes I wish I could run away to a writing monastery (one where they delivered chocolate and coffee at 3pm!).

What's your idea of writing heaven?


Dave Freer said...

"lots of choc'lit for me to eat, lots of coal making lots of 'eat. Oh wouldn' it be luverly...":-)

Rainy miserable weather, several days of meals in the freezer, rolls made, coffee delivered by a kindly minion, dogs and cats not wanting to be entertained... and something I wanted to write. And I'd last about 3 hours... and have to get up and walk out in the rain.

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

But then, after your walk in the rain, you'd come back inside refreshed and write some more.

Matt said...

Where would writers be without chocolate? I shudder to think.

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Exactly, Matt.

Chocolate and no interruptions for a day. Heaven!

Chris McMahon said...

Oh, if we are talking fantasy? How about a genuine medieval castle right on the river in Brisbane with a square-rigger sailing ship out front to take me to the gold coast, a helipad, spaceport . . . A writing Tower with 360deg views and one of those neat little ropes that rings the bell in the kitchen:)

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Chris, you cynic.

I was talking about realizable dreams.

I could always train my DH to bring me coffee and chocolate at 3pm.

CTS said...

Writing heaven = no bills to pay and all day at home for chocolate-fuelled writing ramblingness. If only...!

Anonymous said...

No alarm going off in the morning.

Plenty of hot water in the tank.

Husband off to job he enjoys.

Peace and quiet. Not a single phone call.

Head out for an early lunch, be it take out or the inexpensive Chinese place.

Mid-afternoon stretch brak, possibly with grocery shopping and pre-dinner preparation.

Husband home after a good day at work.

At this point, realism strikes and I must admit that I most likiely did not defrost/marinate/chop dinner, but I will most likely burn something because I remembered I'd wanted to check my e-mail. The husband will be grumpy, and steal the internet service, and I'll get a grat idea about the time I ought to be getting to bed, and stay up until 2PM getting it down on paper.

Close enough.