Thursday, March 17, 2011

What do you do?

What do you do when you're overloaded, and there's not one damn thing you can do to take some of the pressure off?

Yeah, that's right. The post I was going to write has gone bye-bye in the wake of a minor meltdown set off by a string of mostly minor things that just built up over the day combined with not being well and a few other more or less seasonal issues.

In other news, I've got most of the prep done for LunaCon. I still need to cut out the bookmarks (I'll be signing them at the con as giveaways, but you've got to sit through a panel or a reading first), but that's about all that's left.

My schedule for the con (the last I heard: this might change between now and Friday)

Reading (from Impaler, natch): Friday 5pm
Saturday 6pm - Invisible Collaborator or Paid Fanfiction?
Saturday 7pm: Dracula vs Undead Porn
Sunday 1pm: World-Building for Historical/Fantasy Fiction
Sunday 3pm: Writing Battle Scenes

Assuming I can manage to not melt down, it should be fun.


MataPam said...

Note to self: Must do more cons.

Sarah A. Hoyt said...

better you than me, but I wish I could go just to hang out...

MataPam said...

Yeah, you need to figure out how to not bring home infections, Sarah. And I need to learn how to *not* just hang out. :: shudder ::

Kate, I hope your day is going much better than yesterday. Yesterday had the gypsy's curse on it or some such. Today, I'm like, "Wow! Thank you, just bland and boring, thank you!"

Chris McMahon said...

Luncon! I'm jealous:) Have fun with the panels.

Try pretending your brain is surrounded by thought-deflecting force fields - while inside blissful silence reigns.

Kate Paulk said...


4 this year is probably pushing it. Especially with 3 of them in the next 4 months

Kate Paulk said...


I wish you were here to hang out with!

Kate Paulk said...


Today was a lot better, thanks. I got all the bookmarks cut, too. Definitely going to just pay for the things next time. Easier than arguing with cranky printers at work, then using little craft guillotine to cut them into bookmark size.

Kate Paulk said...


I'm looking forward to it - although it's not going to be as much fun as when you and Dave and Sarah were there. That was a blast.

Unfortunately, blissful silence NEVER reigns inside. The best I manage is redirection to something that's not "ohshitohshitohshit".

Rowena Cory Daniells said...


Best of luck at Luna Con.

Just sound intelligent, witty and charming - no pressure. LoL

Just had fun.

Stephen Simmons said...

Can't manage Luna.
But Raven is less than a month away ... programming hasn't been posted, so I can't schedule your panels/reading yet.

Hope things are better, elsewise. I know I got huthin' remotely resembling advice on that score.

Kate Paulk said...


Gee thanks! Yeah, no pressure at all :-)

Kate Paulk said...


I'm on the backup list for Ravencon, so I may not have any programming there. If not, I'll look forward to meeting you face to face instead.

Stephen Simmons said...

If you're not otherwise committed at that time, I unreservedly endorse Allen Wold's writing workshop. He instructs all the attendees to start with a blank page, and scrabble for a NEW idea (NOT one prepared in advance) to write about. Everyone in the workshop must write, or they can't stay. The goal is to create the first hundred-ish words, fashioning a hook strong enough to get the editor to read the NEXT hundred words ...

I still need to finish the stories I started in his last couple workshops I made it to. The latest one, I've been threatened with bodily harm by a member of his panel if I don't get it written soon. :-)

Mike said...

Kate! Watch out for little girls with brooms and puppy dogs -- they have been known to throw buckets of water... who would have thought... I'm melting...

Hang in there. Meltdowns are only fun in fiction.

Chris McMahon said...

Hi, Kate. Wish I was there!

Had a feeling you were going to say that. Busy minds are hard.

Perhaps the sound of one hand clapping?

Dave Freer said...

Well, I wish I was there too :-) I'd love to come and cheer for you Kate.