Saturday, April 9, 2011

This And That And The Other

So, today is my day to promote, again, which makes me feel rather on the spot. Since we last talked, I’ve sold a short story (An Answer From The North which will come out in Courts of The Fey, edited by Russell Davis.) Wrote another which I’m in the process of cleaning up (hopefully) for acceptance. I delivered a book – A Fatal Stain – to Prime Crime. I’m hoping to get the sample chapters for that up this weekend. The samples for the other two are here. And I had a few things come out with Naked reader.

First, I want to call your attention to Death Of A Musketeer. Excerpts are here. The trailer video is here.

There is also A Touch of Night, written by Sofie Skapski and myself. The reason we wrote this – Pride, Prejudice and dragons, oh my – is that my Magical British Empire Series wasn’t selling, so we did this to use the world. For fun. An unedited and shorter version is out at Of course, the minute we’d written it, the MBE sold to Bantam Spectra.

I have also attended a steam punk con. Yeah, that’s what the picture is all about. It was surprisingly fun. First, possibly because I hadn’t dressed up in years. Second because though it took place on a college campus – though, you say? Though, I reply – the attendees were all bright, engaging and interested young people who actually seemed to read for fun. Why is it “though”? Because with notable exceptions, a lot of young sf fandom seems to be more media and games based. My excuse to be there, of course, was having written the Magical British Empire Trilogy. Samples for which are here. It is a chase for the eye of the goddess in a magical land in which the industrial revolution is underfoot in a way you’ve never seen before, and all shape shifters are illegal and subjected to being killed on sight.

And right now I’m working on finishing Darkship Renegades, which is the sequel to Darkship Thieves. Excerpts for Darkship Thieves live here. Darkship Renegades starts this way:

Out Of The Frying Pan

I was a princess from Earth and he was a rogue spaceman from a mythical world. He saved my life three times. I rescued him from a fate worse than death.
We married and lived happily ever after.
Ever after comes with an expiration date these days. We’d been married less than year when Kit got shot in the head.

And if you're totally at loose ends, let me remind you I give away some short stories and even a collection. If you haven't tried the short stories, read them or download them here. As for the collection, please visit the Baen Free Library and look for my name. Happy reading.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, and the occasional dragon (thought I wouldn't see you, lurking there at the back, uh?) have a good weekend. I shall go imbibe massive quantities of caffeine and work.

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*Due to serious lack of caffeine as well as fact I am finishing a book, this post being echoed over at According To Hoyt*


MataPam said...

Dang, Sarah. How do you do so much _and_ write so much?

And Rowena does it too! Makes me feel like a slacker.

Sarah A. Hoyt said...

I feel like I never get anything done. Today I played hookey and assembled a cloth dragon (not stuffed yet.) and drew a musketeer.

MataPam said...

I felt like I was "doing a Sarah" yesterday. I'd _just_ started painting the bathroom when I realized what the problem was with the WIP.

I took so many breaks to hit the computer that the trim paint never got painted. But, there's always today for that. I got the (new) shower curtain hung and the new towels out and it looks good.

And I've marked all the spots were I need to add stuff, removed the POV that was giving everything away. . . wrote the first scene where the mysterious strange appears . . .

The trim could wait til Monday . . .

Chris McMahon said...

Hi, Sarah. Glad to hear you enjoyed the convention. With all the 'irons in the fire' you are doing all the right things to maximise your writing income - all you need a little faery dust for luck:)

Sarah A. Hoyt said...


painting is an activity conducive to plotting. I don't know WHY, but it is.

Sarah A. Hoyt said...


Hopefully, though my bestseller friends make me look like I'm standing still, but then I WANT to be a writer, not a publicist.