Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Christmas

A very happy Xmas to all of you from Kent, the Garden of England.

May you eat, drink, be merry, enjoy good company and forget the recession.

With very best wishes for the New Year.



Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Ooh, John. Is that a real photo from your front yard?

Here I am in Brisbane, Australia. It has been so hot, the air has felt like soup.

Yesterday we had our family Christmas at my brother's place on the Gold Coast. He lives on a canal. The teenagers swam in his pool, while the adults sat around and fanned themselves. My brother took his boat out on the water, with a toboggan on the back. He dragged it up and down the canal, while the kids hung on. Great fun!

But very different from your world.

Cheers, Rowena

John Lambshead said...

Hi Rowena

That is a picture of my front garden in March 2005.

Snow is rare in Southern England.

At the moment it is 12C here, falling to 5C at night.

Basically, it's a cool Atlantic climate, summer or winter. Here in Kent, we get less rain than Brisbane!

Have a great time in the sun,