Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The elves have kidnapped Sarah

and she's being forced to finish off the Christmas gifts for several universes, so it's open thread time.

As usual, keep it away from political and other hot button topics, and have fun. If you want to speculate about how Sarah's characters would celebrate, feel free...


Anonymous said...

Kidnapped Sarah . . . Dang. Santa has lost control of the elves, and now they're kidnapping people to make the presents!

The question is not "How do we rescue Sarah," but rather "Does Sarah want to be rescued?" I mean, maybe they've stuck her in a room, fee of distractions, and are forcing her to write? We all know that books are excellent presents, so this is a distinct possibility.

In fact, giving e-books could save Santa a whole lot of stops, so the reindeer may be in on this as well.

What we need is to collect information first. Who shall we send to spy out the secrets of the North Pole? Isn't D'Artagnan a bit on the small side? Perhaps he could pass for an elf. Tom could fly him up there, then maintain aerial surveilance on Santa's sled when it takes off.

Anonymous said...

Actually matapam, I think the question is, "who's going to rescue the elves?" :-D

John Lambshead said...

I hate xmas,
John - Grumpy Old Man

Sarah A. Hoyt said...

I do want to finish some stories for the diner. Today, hopefully ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bah. Humbug. You just need to start some new traditions. Something you will enjoy. A friend of mine highly recommends Chinese take out and the worst Sci Fi movies you can get your hands on.

For you, obviously you need to find some like-minded friends and have a three day long Orcs vs Elves at the north pole. This year, you might have to settle for painting the opposition. You don't _have_ to tell your wife that Santa is the Bad Guy's General, the elves are nasty, the reindeer dangerous and the flying sled is their secret weapon.

Then you'll be all ready for the slaughter, Christmas '10. ;)

Anonymous said...

The Bah Humbug was for John.

Sarah, I see you're communicating. You've taken over, haven't you? You didn't go Athena on Santa did you?

Sarah A. Hoyt said...

Can't go Athena on Santa. My older son is making him into a zombie.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Dear.

What will the reindeer do? Or are they slated for zombiehood as well?

I love the _Nightmare before Christmas_. But the Hoyt household will be hard put to do worse than _Santa Claus verses the Martians_, one of the all time great grade B Sci Fi movies.