Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Tale of Lost Luggage

Good morning! Today we decided to let you guys have some fun. With so many of our regulars -- bloggers as well as readers -- away at either AussieCon or DragonCon, we've been scratching our heads about what to do. Then our own Kate gave us the fodder we need. So, today is your chance to tell the Tale of Lost Luggage. Give us your take on what happened to Kate's luggage as it made its way from the US to the Land Down Under. Put up a few paragraphs and let the next person continue it. First up gets to set the scene.

Starting next week, we have a full slate of Saturday morning guest blogs we think you'll enjoy.

Now, on with the Tale of Lost Luggage....(hmmm, I wonder if lost luggage has to visit the land of lost socks)


MataPam said...

"Melborne? I grew up there, just inland from Cape Canaveral, used to watch all the launches. Better get this one on the next flight to Florida."

Francis Turner said...

Cape Canaveral? You mean this belongs to an astronaut? Well then they can't mean to take it to Florida - these days all the cargo goes from Baikonur in Kazbekistan. You know that place Borat comes from?

C Kelsey said...

Did somebody call for Borat the astronaut? AH! I see you found my helmet-kitteh in some other astronaut's luggage. I use the helmet-kitteh to filter air through the vaccuum of space on my way Oklahoma via Kazbekistan. Now, where am I supposed to take t his suitcase? Georgia? The state or the country?

Jim McCoy said...

Georgia? No, no, no, no, no. Georgia is the name of the owner of the luggage. Look, here is the name tag that fell off of the bag. She must be short. This bag also says "Nome."

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

Hi Guys, Rowena here

Have 5 minutes on someone's internet, so I dropped by.

Had may panel with Ginjer Buchanan, John Berlyne and Simon from Gollanz yesterday. Managed to get through it without saying anything stupid.

Am going through internet withdrawal. Next time I'm going to organise internet!

C Kelsey said...

Rowena! Happy to see you. Enjoy World Con, we'll be waiting for you.

MataPam said...

Anchorage: "Why is this case going to Nome? It's clearly marked Austria. Get it on that flight to JFK, they can get it on a trans-Atlantic flight. Sheesh."

Mike said...

In the belly of an Airbus 380 flying from JFK to Frankfurt, the luggage sat in a container. Then the edge of the container rippled, and a small creature slipped in. It waved a strange elephant-like proboscis over the luggage. Then it sniffed again at one. And slid the ovipositor through the side of the luggage. Muscles on its head rippled as the creature deposited the next generation inside the luggage. To another member of the creature's phyla, this might have been interpreted as either a smile or perhaps a laugh. Definitely pleasure.

Then the creature slipped back out of the container. Before the gremlins appeared.

C Kelsey said...

::TWANG!:: The noise was decidedly unusual for a landing aircraft, even if it was an Airbus.

On touch down the noise wheel tire deflated, a warning alarm sounded for absolutely nothing in the cockpit related to the tire, and the horizontal stabilizer suddenly was completey backwards in its mount.

The Plane's Captain got out as soon as they reached the terminal and surveyed the damage. "Grimlin's" Captain Kangaroo said. "There are grimlin's on my plane. It's going to take days to clean out this infestation!"

MataPam said...

Gremlin detectors were run over every piece of luggage as it was unloaded.

One worker noticed the incredibly fat suitcase and shook his head in disbelief. "I don't know what's more amazing. The way some people stuff their luggage until they look pregnant or how a suitcase clearly directed to Melborne Australia wound up in Germany. Better get it on the right flight before this Kate person runs out of clean clothes. Kates can get a might testy when they don't have clean unmentionables."[Mind you, he was saying it all in German, so no doubt something was lost in translation.]

Q - Would the habitues of an SF conference _notice_ an Alien invasion? By the third day?

A - Well, Kate hasn't said anything . . . err, Kate? Kate?