Saturday, November 13, 2010

If It's Saturday...

then why am I up so early? Oh, I know, I got attacked by a story that wasn't supposed to be part of my NaNoWriMo but has now taken it over. So, I thought this would be the perfect time to get updates from everyone. I'll start us off.

Hi, my name's Amanda and I'm a NaNaWriMoer. It's been half an hour since I last wrote and, sigh, I'm still behind my goal. But I'm closing in. With some discipline, I'll manage my 50k words by the end of the month. Will it be a complete novel? No, but it will be half a novel and I'll be far enough into it to make sure I finish. My current word count on this project is 8,000 words (approx). Total word count -- remember, I started with a different project before this one hijacked it -- is 11,350 words.

So, my fellow NaNaWriMoers, sound off. How are you doing?

Are you having any problems keeping to your schedule? Is there anything about your story that's giving you fits? Or is there something that's really surprised you about where your plot is going? You have to beware of those sneaky plots. They'll run off in directions you never planned on if you aren't careful. ;-p

Any way, the floor is yours. You can discuss all things NaNaWriMo or anything else -- except, of course, politics. I'm off to find more coffee and to pound out another couple of pages before finding breakfast.


MataPam said...

I'm on schedule with 22K words down on paper.

Oh, the editing this thing is going to need! I can see that I need tension between my two main characters. They both have to change. In directions away from each other. That way they can both have a mirror moment, grit their teeth and cooperate on the big zombie killing finale.

Problem? Yeah, I have a problem. Can I write a 28K word zombie slaughter? That's about all that's left.

MataPam said...

Oh, and isn't it fun when a new idea jumps in and grabs you?

Of course it always seems to happen at an inconveniently busy time . . . couldn't possibly be the back brain coming up with a way to avoid Nano, could it?

I think I'm doing so well at Nano because I ought to be finishing and polishing something else.

T.M. Lunsford said...

I'm doing my best to write as much as possible during November, but there's no way I can participate in NaNo. Why must NaNoWriMo be in November? Seriously. It makes it nearly impossible for college students to effectively participate. I've got too many stupid academic papers to write to get to be creative beyond what the short stories I'm writing for my creative writing class. *sigh*

Jason Cordova said...

I'm behind schedule but that's because I started on Thursday. I am in the middle of doing last minute scheduling for signings of my impending book release.

Being a writer sucks, man. You have all these things you want to do and then responsibility and reality interfere. I really wanted to finish the sequel to the book which is coming out this month but noooo... stupid real life got in the way.

This whole "push yourself for publicity" thing authors have to do blows monkey chunks (no offense Dave). But I also want to eat, so needs must and all that jazz.

Cholisose said...

Ah, it's been tough, but I'm keeping up so far (past 20k at least). The storyline unfortunately is moving a bit slower than I imagined it in my head, but that happens with every book I write, whether I plan out the plot points or not.

Kate said...

Unless bug reports for work count, nada. If they count, somewhat closer to 2-3 k per day, consisting of 2 show-stoppers for a release Wednesday, and assorted equally bad ones for the release in mid-December.

Oh, and one brain lightly fried with bubbly bits.

MataPam said...

Bug counts, bubbly bits. Brainzzz...

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Rowena Cory Daniells said...

TM, every month is NaNoWriMo, when you're a writer.

Re academic essays, I feel your pain.

I'm on the other side of the mirror. I have to mark them!