Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life and Writing

Museum, by RD Studio.

My husband is the D part of R & D Studios. He hopes to retire at the end of this year and dedicate himself to artwork and animation.

He squeezes his art around work . I squeeze my writing around my family.

I figure as long as the children have clean clothes, food on the table and they get to school and Uni on time, we're doing OK. But I must admit I resent doing the shopping and the driving.

My days are filled with juggling family, stealing time to go to the gym and read books, stealing time to go the movies with my patient husband and meeting deadlines. Yet I still get a thrill when I find an author who makes me forget I'm reading a book. I still get a thrill when I write a scene that pulls together narrative threads and explores character and Works!

I wouldn't be doing anything else.

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John Lambshead said...

I wrote my first novel while working in central London with four hours commuting a day. Now I have retired, I am having trouble working out how I went to work at all. My day is full with window cleaners, postmen, gasmen, meter readers, daughters, car problems, shopping, washing up, bunny rabbit, painting toy soldiers, editing magazine and, oh, i write occasionally.

Keep going!